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Nutrition services offered in San Fernando, CA

Nutrition plays a huge role in optimizing your energy, mental clarity, metabolic function, and sense of well-being. At Heavenly Cosmetic Medical Spa in San Fernando, California, you benefit from personalized nutrition guidance offered by medical weight loss physician Robert Partovy, DO. Nutrition has the power to help you manage your weight, increase your energy, and reverse disease. Call the office today to set up your consultation, or request one online. 

Why is nutrition important?

What you eat directly impacts your health. Every cell in your body, including those that make up your hair, bones, muscles, skin, and organs, depends on nutrients from good food to function at their best. Nutrition also impacts your energy levels, weight, and risk of developing chronic disease. The right nutrition can also play a role in how quickly you show signs of aging.

With so much unreliable nutrition advice out there, choosing the right balance of nutrients seems almost impossible. Getting help from an expert like Dr. Partovy and the Heavenly Cosmetic Medical Spa team makes the process easier as they customize your nutrition plan to your health needs and goals, as well as your preferences and lifestyle.

What types of nutrition support do you offer?

Dr. Partovy provides nutrition counseling to help you optimize your diet and boost your overall health. He uses tests that evaluate your saliva, blood, stool, or urine to look for possible nutrient deficiencies, sensitivities, or other health problems. He determines the right tests for you depending on your health goals and prior health history.

Dr. Partovy conducts a comprehensive physical and careful analysis of any symptoms that also helps inform your nutrition plan.

The integrative medicine approach used by Dr. Partovy means he also considers your environment, work schedule, social life, and emotional health when developing a nutrition plan for you. He helps you become aware of why you make the dietary choices you do and how to create healthier habits that stick.

The goal of Dr. Partovy’s nutrition service aims to find and fix the root causes of disease, premature aging, and poor health.

How will I benefit from your nutrition services?

Dr. Partovy takes time to determine which foods and supplements best support your body’s function, immunity, and energy. You’ll also notice how better nutrition choices positively affect your gut health, so you experience less diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating. 

He and his team of experts may identify food sensitivities you were unaware of and help you eliminate these foods from your diet. This simple step can significantly increase your energy levels and reduce inflammation, a major cause of chronic disease. 

Learn how you can benefit from Heavenly Cosmetic Medical Spa’s individualized nutrition counseling services. Call the office today or request an appointment online.